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Torbay Register Office

1st Floor Cockington Court, Cockington,Torquay,TQ2 6XA
Torbay Register Office is situated in Cockington Court in the heart of Cockington Village.
This idyllic village is hidden in a deep valley just one mile from the bustle of Torquay. Cockington is easily accessible from the seafront by bus or car.
The Register Office is available for ceremonies Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9:30am to 12:30pm.
We have seating for 12 guests in the Register Office.
The statutory fee payable for a ceremony in the Register Office is £50.00 (including a copy of your marriage certificate)
If you would like to view Cockington Court, please contact the Register Office who will be happy to make an appointment for you.
Cockington Court Register Office


Please help us and the other couples who are being married on the same day by arriving at the Register Office in good time, approximately twenty minutes before your ceremony. If you arrive late your ceremony will be delayed and it is possible that the Superintendent Registrar will need to re-schedule your ceremony to take place at a later time. This may inconvenience you and your party and spoil other arrangements you have made for the day.
It is important that your guests should access Cockington Court through the Rose Garden at the rear of the building. The entrance to the Register Office is accessed across the wooden bridge.
When your party has arrived, your guests will be shown through to the ceremony room to await your arrival.
The Registrar will see the couple together privately to check the details which are to be entered in the Marriage Register/ Civil Partnership Schedule and to collect the £50.00 fee.
You will also be asked to give your natural / adopted father or step-father’s full names and his occupation, as this is recorded in the Marriage Register/Civil Partnership Schedule and on your Certificate.


You will need to ask 2 people, who may be friends or relatives, if they will witness your ceremony.  They should be over the age of 16 and be able to understand the ceremony. All they have to do is to sign the Register/Schedule.

Photographs and Videos

Your guests are very welcome to bring cameras to record the occasion.
If you wish to make a video of your ceremony, please let the Registrar know before the ceremony so that they can direct the person filming to the most suitable position.


The room is always decorated with silk flowers.


To help us keep the Register Office attractive and tidy, please ask your guests to wait until you are outside the building before they shower you with confetti. Please could you only use natural flower petals (dried or fresh) in the grounds of Cockington Court.

The Gardens

The office is set within attractive grounds which make an ideal backdrop for your photographs.

Getting Here and Car Parks

If you are travelling by car and using a satnav system you will be guided as far as Cockington Village Centre Car Park. Please do not park here but drive into the Drum Inn Car Park and follow the green sign marked Cockington Court Craft Centre” This will direct you to the car park for Cockington Court itself.
Cockington Court, has a pay and display car park for you and your guests to use. Cockington Court: How to get there opens in a new window

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